About Us

Hi guys,
Greetings from Noellann Accessories...
My immense love for fashion jewelry and accessories lead to the creation of Noellann Accessories. My near and dear ones have known of my craze for owning unique pieces of jewelry and fashion accessories from an early age. This is a platform for sharing my passion with those who love unique and trendy jewelry and accessories and are just as crazy as I am!
Noellann boasts of a collection of hand-picked and handmade jewelry and accessories. We scour the market for unique designs, quality products and sensible price points. Our style could easily be described as modern and we strongly believe you can own beautiful and trendy jewelry and accessories without the burden of a giant price tag.
Colorful happy pieces + good vibes = Noellann
I have always wanted to have the opportunity to share my love for fashion with all those who surround me, and I now feel truly blessed to be finally given this opportunity.
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Annmarie D'souza